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Natural Stone Care and Maintenance Brisbane

Do you have natural stone in your home? Marble, limestone, travertine and onyx are very popular these days, but require a lot more care. Sandstone is very prone to stains, and even granite needs regular treatment.


 dust mop floors regularly, particularly polished floor surfaces.

 clean surfaces with pH neutral cleaners (Nice N Clean “Neutra” Stone and Tile Cleaner is ideal).

 rinse surfaces with water after washing.

 clean up spills immediately. Blot spills rather than scrub.

 protect floor surfaces with non-slip matting, rugs, and bench tops with coasters, trivets.


 Don’t clean surfaces with vinegar, lemon juice, powdered cleaners, crème cleansers or other abrasive cleaners. Marble, limestone, travertine and onyx are particularly sensitive to these products.

 Do not use bathroom cleaners that contain acid or are citrus based.

 Do not use older vacuuming equipment that may scratch polished surfaces.

 Do not use scouring pads to clean up spills.

Quality We Ensure

Restoring to its natural look and feel.

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Nice n Clean has 20 years of experience in cleaning industry.


Most people confuse marble and limestone.  Limestone is a sedimentary rock, and marble is a metamorphic rock made up mostly of calcite (CaCO3).

In a marble, the calcite is recrystallized to produce an interlocking granular mosaic of roughly equal-sized calcite crystals.  The recrystallization removes any of the original sedimentary structures and fossils (no true marble will have fossils).

A pure marble is a monomineralic rock, and white in colour.  Because the calcite crystals which make up the rock are normally transparent, slabs of marble up to about 30mm thick may appear translucent.

Marble looks fabulous! It’s a pleasure to restore old or damaged marble to its naturally perfect look.

Frequently Ask Questions

The sealing tiles dose not make them slippery. How ever it dose make the water and contaminants to sit on top of tiles longer water sitting on top may cause them to be slippery.

Tile can be walked on with in two hours of sealing.

If using a natural penetrating sealer is being used there is no charge in the look of tile. When you wet the tile there will be a different in the way that tile reacts to water.

A topical sealer leaves a coating on top of the tile that come in either a gloss satin or mat finish. This type of sealer dose not normally allow vapour transmission. Penetrating sealers work form beneath the surface to protect the tile and leave the natural look if your tiles.