Bathroom Restoration Cleaning

Most people have difficulty with their bathroom cleaning – the sad fact is, most common cleaners simply won’t shift the bacteria. It’s a battle for survival, and the bacteria are consistently winning. There’s nothing worse than spending hours with the cleaning, only to have it re-appear soon after.

  •  On silicone, which nearly all bathrooms have, bacteria become unsightly – a permanent stain if left too long.
  •  Common toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes such as toothpaste, mouthwash and hair spray also contain acids and chemicals which also damage some surfaces.
  •  Regular use of a non-acidic stone and tile cleaner will remove any soap scum and hard water deposits.
  •  In shower recesses we recommend using a squeegee on tiles and shower glass after each use which can minimize soap scum and hard water deposits.
  •  Citrus based cleaners (acidic) should also be avoided as they can often damage surfaces if used over a long period of time.

Quality We Ensure

Bacteria free, Neat and clean bathroom for you and your family members.

Experienced Workers

We have 20 years of experience in cleaning industry.

Bathroom cleaning is a chore that no one wants to do, but unfortunately it must be done and regularly. 

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Frequently Ask Questions

The sealing tiles dose not make them slippery. How ever it dose make the water and contaminants to sit on top of tiles longer water sitting on top may cause them to be slippery.

Tile can be walked on with in two hours of sealing.

If using a natural penetrating sealer is being used there is no charge in the look of tile. When you wet the tile there will be a differents in the way that tile reacts to water.

A topical sealer leaves a coating on top of the tile that come in either a gloss satin or mat finish. This type of sealer dose not normally allow vapour transmission. Penetrating sealers work form beneath the surface to protect the tile and leave the natural look if your tiles.