Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile and grout cleaning brisbane

Tile and Grout Cleaning Brisbane

Need tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane?

Tiles look fantastic in the showroom, but in your home, they are exposed to contaminants that slowly build and leave deposits in the grouting and tile surfaces that normal cleaning won’t remove.

And no wonder – look under a microscope, you can see that the tile surface is quite porous, especially in older homes. In the bathroom, the soap leaves a coating of lime and chemicals, and in the kitchen, the residue from cooking fats and food stains can build up to a hardened coating that no amount of ordinary cleaning will shift.

Why don’t domestic cleaners work? The real reason is simply safety – but even as the chemicals get stronger, the bacteria and deposits remain. Scientists think that bacteria adapt to the cleaners we use.

Nice ‘n Clean is different, not because we use harsh chemicals – we don’t. We use a high-pressure tile and grout cleaning Brisbane system that cleans out all the cracks, grooves and crevices that we can’t see – but gives a foothold to dirt and bacteria, in places too small for you to get your cleaners into.

When we clean normally, we can remove the top layer of grunge, but a layer remains, embedded in the porous material – and it immediately starts growing and expanding again.


Nice ‘n Clean uses a combination of specialist high-pressure tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane with relatively weak penetrative cleaning agents that get into all the pits, scratches and tiny cracks –this way all the contaminants are removed, and the tiles are back to clean, “like new” condition.

We don’t use scrubbers or brushes – that simply makes the problem worse, by increasing the damage to the tile surface. And we don’t “blast’ the tiles – this can damage grouting. Our cleaners have a special pressure technology that creates superfine jets of water which penetrate the cracks and grooves. We use this relatively gentle pressure to clean, rather than by chemicals

    Nice ‘n Clean can help get your home or office tiles looking brilliantly clean.

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Family room
  • Patio
  • Pool area
  • Footpaths
  • Driveway
  • Walls

Our Process for Tile and Grout Cleaning Brisbane is as follows

Step 1. 

Investigate what type of tile and grout you have installed.

Knowing what tile and grout you have is important to achieve the best cleaning results. We can determine if you have sanded, unsanded or epoxy grout installed.   

Step 2. 

Check for any existing sealers that might have been previously applied to your tiles and grout.

It is important to know if any sealers were applied as this can determine the outcome of the tile and grout cleaning process. If we find a sealer has been applied then it may have to be removed which will greatly increase the cleaning results.   

Step 3. 

Apply our specialised cleaning solution and agitate if required.

We use advanced tile cleaning solutions that are sprayed onto the tile and grout surface to loosen trapped dirt, grease and stains. 

Step 4.

Rinse using high pressure is a self-contained extraction tool back to our truck-mounted machine outside.

This is the process that gives the best results and does not over wet the tiled floor. Over 1000 psi is used during the cleaning process.  

Step 5.

Place drying fans to speed dry. 

Once cleaned we will set up our air movers to completely dry your tiled floors. 

Tile Cleaning Quality We Ensure

 Nice ‘n Clean uses a new high-tech gentle-pressure system which removes the build-up, and protects the grout. We’ll clean your tiles and grout so that they look like brand new!

Experienced Tile and Grout Cleaner

20 years of experience in tile cleaning service.


Grout is a tremendously porous surface. Under a microscope, grout is a landscape of valleys and mountains that allow the residues to grip the irregular surface – and then attract more and more build-up.

You can see that grout is porous – it’s the first area to attract mildew and “black bacteria”. Once the bacteria has a foothold, it grows – yet is surprisingly difficult to remove – that’s because the tiny bacteria ‘hides’ in the small porous openings in the grout, and is unaffected by normal household cleaners.

Sometimes, the grout has deteriorated – permanent stains, cracking sections and even areas which have dropped out. Nice ‘n Clean can fix these areas with grout repair, to get your tiling looking brand-new again.

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